Kansas City Favorites, Coffee Edition

I have a few love languages – one being caffeine… I alternate between several coffee shops depending on where I am. It’s a funny thing when I can practically drink coffee all throughout the day. And yes, I do spend quite a bit on lattes and other caffeinated drinks, but for me, it is worth the price. It is honestly a habit of mine that I share with basically everyone in the world, even if you are a tea drinker, you are more than likely going to order that drink at a coffee shop.

Look, it’s not even all about the drinks themselves… It’s about the overall experience. Plus, let’s be honest, the latte art are aesthetically pleasing and catches my eyes! I love chic coffee shops and especially ones that are always filled with regulars or newcomers to share in the overall coffee shop experience. I either stop by for a quick order on-the-go or I will find a place to sit and maybe work. It’s where I find peace, clarity and focus. If I have a hard time being productive in my office, I will choose to work at a coffee shop and enjoy the caffeinated fuel that comes with the territory. I even take my daughter with me if we are looking for something fun to do. There are 2 cafes that she goes to with me for their summer shakes or hot cocoas. This is why I enjoy visiting cafes, because there’s always something for everyone’s taste buds.

You’ve probably read a lot of social media posts or blogs about people’s love for coffee, but the great thing is, you may not know my favorites in Kansas City, so here they are:

[This is not an ad nor am I sponsored. I just think they deserve the recognition for winning my heart and soul.]

Hammerhand Coffee

Conveniently so, this place is within walking distance from my house. I love that they have an app so I can order to-go when I don’t have a lot of time to wait in store. I’ve had their seasonal lattes, chai lattes, hot chocolates and milkshakes. Bonus is they usually have pastries – my go-to is their brown sugar pop-tarts. Another thing I love is that they welcome dogs, my dog Barkley has gone in before to say hi to everyone. Mia especially enjoys their hot cocoa and milkshakes. For parents, its sometimes a hassle to take their kids to places that may not be kid-friendly but this place is 100% kid friendly. I’ve worked from the coffee shop before too and it is a place I’ve found to be very comfortable and I can be productive at.

Parkville Coffee



Most of the time it’s because I’m working that I always enjoy my lattes and chocolate chip protein balls here. The baristas are genuinely caring, one time I took someone else’s drink on accident and they didn’t freak out on me and were very understanding. I sometimes work from their upstairs lounge where it’s quiet and peaceful. I love the calm atmosphere. There are always people here too. I’ve also had their seasonal lattes, shakes, pastries and lunch specials here. For lunches I’ve eaten their sandwiches, quiche and soups – my favorite was their tomato bisque! I love how it’s within walking distance from my work so I can get my steps in when the weather is nice.

The Roasterie

I’ve been on the Roasterie tour and enjoyed learning about it’s history and where they source their beans from. I also LOVE their drive-thru. It has come in handy on many occasions, particularly before our soccer Saturdays with my daughter. I’m simple to please, and by that, I mean I like to order their seasonal lattes. Whatever sounds good and sweet at the time. Also, their coffee is served in KC area restaurants!


Holiday flavors… Happy Hour BOGO… the APP… Drive-thru… available at Target… Need I say more?!

Parisi Coffee

When we are at Union Station, this is my go-to. Their lattes have kept me energized on my 5 hour long Amtrak train rides to St. Louis. As well as caffeinated for the kid attractions with Mia. Whatever the reason is, I can always count on Parisi Coffee to fuel me throughout the hours. Plus, they have the tastiest pastries and sweet treats you can grab on-the-go!

Quay Coffee


I’ve only ventured here a couple of times, but I know that if I lived closer to the River Market, this would be my cafe of choice. I’ve worked from their shop before and have hung out in the area as I wait for my husband to leave work when we car pool. I love the atmosphere and know I can be productive while I enjoy their drinks here. Plus, it’s right next to some of my favorite dinner and dessert spots in the River Market! Can’t really complain.

So there you have it. I know there are more coffee shops in KC that I’ve yet to enjoy. I’m always on the hunt for new places depending on if I’m nearby for work or leisure. If you have other coffee shop recommendations in KC, comment below. I’d love to add to my growing list. Help me get caffeinated!!!

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