Kansas City Favorites, Dessert Edition

Confession time… my family and I have quite a sweet tooth. We eat healthy most of the time, but we can never say no to desserts. Why would anyone do that? After all, stressed spelled backwards is desserts.

If you ask my 4 year old daughter what her favorite dessert is… she will tell you immediately that it is Betty Rae’s ice cream. We’ve been to both their Waldo location and the River Market. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve visited and enjoyed their numerous ice cream flavors within the past year and a half, but just know that any opportunity we have to be around downtown Kansas City, we make the time and stop at Betty Rae’s.

Aside from Betty Rae’s, we’ve taken Mia to the Waffle Bar at the Plaza, Ice Cream Bae at the Plaza within the Made in KC Marketplace, PopCulture in Parkville, Mother Clucker at the Parlor (Crossroads) and ordered MackCanvas & Cookie sugar cookies. On a separate note, one place that has one of my favorite desserts for date nights is at Trezo Mare. Something that I try to do when we go out as a family for meals is try our best to leave room for dessert, but also make sure the atmosphere is kid-friendly (with some exceptions for date nights). I’ve collected a few photos with some that have just been sitting on my phone album for over a year now waiting for me to finally use them. The priceless memories… I can’t wait to show you just how amazing, beautiful, and decadent these treats are!

Be warned… may cause some unwanted drooling…

Betty Rae’s Ice Cream

What can I say? We’ve shared countless memories at Betty Rae’s. When I take my daughter here she also insists on taking pictures at their photo booth, $5 well spent when we get to take home and add the photos to our collection. I like how kid-friendly this place is, they even have coloring pages to entertain the kiddos. Their wall decor adds to the creative and fun ambiance. Their ice cream truck is a major bonus, they’ve made appearances at my work! Can’t count how many flavors we’ve tried as a family, however, my husband and I’s go-to is their goat cheese, apricot and candied walnuts; while my daughter prefers their cereal milk ice cream or anything with colorful sprinkles. So the next time you are near Waldo, The River Market OR their truck – get in line and enjoy a few scoops!

Waffle Bar KC

Leslie Knope said it best… “We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.”

The first thing you notice when you step foot in the Waffle Bar at the Plaza is the strong (and amazing) smell of waffles… I mean, seriously… it’s one of the best smells ever. The first time we took Mia here was during winter and even the cold temperatures didn’t stop us from enjoying the ice cream along with waffles. This is also kid-friendly. And selfie-friendly. I absolutely love the motivational artwork within their walls. While you treat your special someone to a lunch or dinner at the Plaza, don’t forget to swing by the Waffle Bar and leave room for their tasty waffles/ice cream selections.

Ice Cream BAE

Nestled within Made in KC Marketplace at the Plaza is this gem of an ice cream shop where dreams are made of. When I first heard about Ice Cream BAE I saw someone post about their Ube (purple yam) ice cream which, to Filipino’s like me, it’s one of the best flavors in the world! And then, I heard they also have other flavors that include edible 24 karat gold leaves – literally sprinkled in royalty and a s’mores flavor that gets lit on fire! I knew that we had to take Mia with us and sure enough it was a success. I like that they have sitting areas so we can enjoy the treats and relax in the process. It is honestly an experience and I’m so glad that we’ve tried several flavors. My go-to is obviously their Ube, You Be, My Bae ; my husband is a fan of their Not So Average S’more and my daughter prefers the EveryDay is Your Birthday flavor.

Mother Clucker KC

There’s not a whole lot to say other than –  Elvis would approve their milkshake choices! When you are satisfied with their fried chicken meals… be sure to leave room for one of their outrageous milkshake concoctions. It’s a party in a glass! We took Mia to the Parlor at the Crossroads where Mother Clucker KC is at. When I’m here, I try and order their Elvis milkshake because WHY NOT, you only live once, right?! Another kid-friendly and Mia approved place fit for all taste buds to complete your lunch or dinner! Or like us…. go straight for dessert…

Popculture KC

Popcorn and ice cream… name a better duo. This place is located in Parkville. I’ve ordered their popcorn with numerous flavor options as party favors and gifts. They also have a handful selection of ice cream. Kid-friendly store. You can catch Mia and I sitting on their cute beach chairs outside.

Trezo Mare


Anytime someone brings up Trezo Mare, my mind goes immediately to their Chocolate Bars… they are made of milk chocolate mousse, crunchy peanut butter base with caramel sauce and peanuts. This dessert can either be shared with your date OR like me, keep it to yourself…. I can’t wait to plan another date night here just so I can get my hands on this dessert!!! (*hint hint husband*)

MackCanvas & Cookie

I absolutely love and encourage everyone to support local. I was recently introduced to MackCanvas & Cookie late last year and knew they were perfect to order cookies from. They personalize sugar cookies for any and every occasion. I’ve ordered cookies from them for my daughter’s birthday. She loved the Wonder Woman cookies and it made her feel very special on her 4th birthday. I also ordered cookies for my sister’s baby shower. Everyone loved the sea themed designs and eating them too. Although… they are almost too cute to eat! The best part… I went to college with one of the owners so it made it that much more special! If you’re in the KC area or nearby, support their local small business and order yourself some sugar cookies!!!

Sheridan’s Frozen Custard

When I was pregnant with Mia I had my fair share of their wedding cake concrete. Fast forward to when Mia was born and old enough to eat with us, she also equally enjoys their concretes as much as I do. Her favorites include fun toppings like sprinkles or oreos. I love that there’s a Sheridan’s all throughout Kansas City, especially the ones that have a drive-thru option. It’s never too cold for their concretes, so of course they made it to this list.

No matter what kind of sweet treats you prefer for dessert, I know for a fact Kansas City has plenty to offer. My family and I are always on the lookout for new places to try.

What are your favorite desserts and why???

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