Cocktails in Kansas City Paradise


I have a confession to make, I absolutely LOVE Kansas City. But with the recent winter that felt like it would never end… I was in a funk and needed a “get-away” without actually leaving Kansas City…


My husband’s birthday was last week and we got to celebrate at one of my favorite hidden gems in Wesport… TIKICAT! If you’ve never been or have never heard of this secret oasis then you must be living under a rock or not from the area… either way YOU ARE MISSING OUT.


If you ever need a staycation with beach-y vibes and strong cocktails you need to make a reservation to this amazing tiki bar A S A P . I cannot begin to tell you how special this tiki bar is to me. When I’m here (4x and counting!) I almost forget we are in the city and I’m transported to a far away Pacific island somewhere instead…


The entire experience is unique – starting with checking in and actually walking in the tiki bar. I’m transported to another place… to Hawaii but in reality in the basement of Hopcat! I have yet to travel to Hawaii but I feel like I would never, ever leave. Their tiki drinks are 100% equal fresh and strong. Pretty sure I’ve tried half the menu. Now, usually one cocktail is enough to set you on vacation mode but sometimes I’m feeling extra and order a second one and that’s when it becomes a party.


So far I’ve really enjoyed their sharable and fun cocktail called The Luau, such a fitting name for a cocktail that gets the party going. This one you can share with up to 4 friends or with just you and your date. Now, in the past, it’s the fun cocktail that comes with “fireworks” but they have since stopped with that part – STILL FUN AND DELICIOUS!!! Most recently, I’ve tried their Cautionary Tale and that was also just as amazing.


If you are in need of a getaway but can’t actually leave or want a new and unique date-night experience, you’re gonna want to make a reservation and try TikiCat for yourself.



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