Brunch is always a good idea.

Even if it goes against everything my idol, favorite celebrity/ tv personality believes in, I am a huge fan of brunch. (Rest in peace, Anthony Bourdain.)

Brunch is multi-faceted and comes in many forms. All of which I enjoy 110% with pleasure.

How can you hate on all-you-can-drink mimosas paired with a bomb entree? Right. You can’t!

So, what typically do I order?

My eyes are usually hungrier than my actual stomach but that also isn’t so bad when you can take home left-overs to enjoy later.

I am obsessed with chicken and waffles… it is my frequent go-to and shareable with my equally hungry side kick, Mia. So, it does work out!

I’m also a fan of the basic eggs, potatoes and bacon combo… as long as there’s extra bacon involved, of course. Mia doesn’t mind it either. As a matter of fact, she usually ends up stealing MY bacon so I order an extra plate in preparation for this usual occurrence.

Here are the places we’ve visited for brunch and we’ll likely be back for more:

Chicken N Pickle

Obviously I ordered their chicken and waffles, are you even surprised? This was the first restaurant stamped in my Give and Partake brunch book. And I’m so glad we went. Pro-tip, if you come in on a Sunday, show up a little before noon and seating may not be as challenging, especially with a toddler. Mia approved the waffles so much she actually had 2 additional plates full before we left. Plus, if you’re up for playing, there are yard games plus pickle ball.

The Jacobson

We started coming here after Saturday morning soccer sessions. We are already downtown anyway and the Crossroads isn’t too far of a drive from us at The Soccer Lot. I’ve ordered their belgian waffles and love the sweetness to them. I’ve also ordered their bananas foster – so good! My husband likes their Shakshuka platter. Plus, their mimosas are delicious! Another restaurant in my Give and Partake brunch book

Trezo Mare

Oh Trezo…. this isn’t the first time I’ve praised them. I also love their brunch options. Their breakfast steak and potatoes sizzler is soooo good, especially when they put the chimichurri sauce on top! The mimosas and bellinis are refreshing. Their cinnamon rolls are to-die-for, don’t @ me. And you know what makes this restaurant even more special? Enjoying brunch at their patio! The view is spectacular. Another restaurant in my Give and Partake brunch book

Brown & Loe

If you don’t start with their donut holes, then you are absolutely doing it WRONG. Mia couldn’t even wait until I documented how amazing they looked before she helped herself to a heaping dip of the chocolate sauce. Glad she needed the extra energy after playing soccer that morning. I love their coffee and the biscuits and gravy was just what I needed with my savory cravings. Another restaurant in my Give and Partake brunch book

Char Bar

Char Bar is another family favorite for brunch and dinner. I liked the extra kick on their savory take on chicken and waffles. I also love their mimosas, obviously. Mia approves their waffles too. I could eat everything in their menu and not get bored with it.

Morning Day Cafe (so sad to see them leave this weekend)

This was the first restaurant Ricky and I visited when we moved to downtown Liberty. Such a quaint restaurant. Known for their local support and art-inspired decor. I am a big fan of their caffeine options. I’m going to miss their Mexican mocha, a drink almost too pretty to drink. I’ve tried quite a few of their breakfast and lunch items. Their omelettes are delicious and so are their bacon and potatoes. Mia is a big fan of their pancakes, I made it extra special the past weekend and added in chocolate chips for her. We are going to miss having Morning Day Cafe so close to us. Nixa is lucky to have them as their other home.

Ginger Sue’s

Another family favorite, in part because it is within walking distance from our home. But also because of their long list of breakfast and lunch options. I’ve tried their eggs Benedict, definitely a fan! I’ve also had their regular breakfasts. Mia loves their bacon and waffles. Their coffee keeps me caffeinated for sure. Most recently I had their omelette which was the savory meal I love. We enjoy taking our friends and family here when they come for a visit. It’s always a hit.


Ok. What is there not to like at Rye?! I am obsessed. Ever since my twin sister recommended this restaurant, it’s on the top of my list to go with family or just my husband and I. We go to the one at the Plaza because it is closest to us. Yes, their fried chicken is a must-try! Their mimosas give me life. I also love their shrimp and grits (which comes with pulled pork, YUM!) and their hanger steak entrees. My husband and I both try and order something different to share but most of the time end up with their steak or chicken. I can’t wait to be back for more.

The Pressed Penny Tavern

Another waffle chosen in this restaurant. Because you really can’t go wrong with waffles. And their mimosas combined makes it breakfast of champions. I love the setting of this restaurant. It’s the kind of low-key vibe needed for a Sunday morning brunch with family and friends. Another restaurant in my Give and Partake brunch book

Taste of Africa

I’m so very grateful that this restaurant was introduced to us years ago by Ricky’s cousin. We actually brought Mia with us when she was just a teeny tiny baby. She couldn’t even eat their food yet at the time and now we go and they make us feel like regulars. We don’t visit the other side of Kansas City often, but when we do, it’s usually because of Taste of Africa. My husband feels right at home here with their Eastern African cuisine. We have had their weekend brunch, week day lunch and weekend dinners. No matter what the weather I always ask for their chai. It reminds me of the chai my mother-in-law used to make me when she stayed with us to take care of baby Mia, she would have it ready for me to drink after work. We love everything in their menu. They do not disappoint. And I love watching my husband enjoy the food he grew up eating back in Tanzania. Now our daughter enjoys them with him too. It’s worth the drive from North KC.



Another family favorite in Liberty. We were also introduced to this restaurant by Ricky’s cousin. We are regulars here. Mia also started coming here when she was just a baby and couldn’t even eat their food yet. We love their brunch buffet. Always fresh. Options are always vast. They walk around and give us naan refills as well as their tandoori chicken, which is my favorite. Mia loves their mango lassi. I always drink their chai. My favorite part is that their mango lassi and chai are bottomless on weekends. I’m getting hungry just talking about Seva cuisine. If you’re ever in the area, stop by and check it out for yourself.

As you can tell, I’m deeply passionate about brunch and great food in general. The best part about my picks is how kid-friendly they all are. Mia has been to all of these restaurants and it’s always a great time doing what we love most – eating delicious food together as a family and making memories in Kansas City along the way.

The next time you struggle to pick a brunch place, keep my top picks in mind. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.





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