Kids Love Fun Run


No, seriously. Mia does. She loves everything about Fun Run.

Entertainment for days.


This is where kiddos go to take their energy out.

This is also where parents’ anxiety spikes.


As much as I enjoy taking Mia here to let loose and have good ole fashion toddler fun, it is also a place that houses SOO MANY kids all at once that I never know what to do with myself (other than keep my eyes on my own child).

Let’s face it, we as parents want to make sure our children are having a great time and doing all the fun stuff.


But where does fun end and chaos begins? (kidding…sorta!)

All jokes set aside, this place has claimed many entertaining days otherwise would’ve ended up as lame days at home.


I am thankful this place does exist with it’s many, many amenities:

Bounce houses – ALL OVER THE PLACE

Imagination village – I barely fit but keeps the kids entertained

Designated toddler area – My favorite area thus far; I feel more at ease here.

Arcade – Make sure to bring cash and quarters.

Fun Run Cafe – Nice selection of snacks and drinks.


North KC parents, if you’re looking for a place to host your children for parties or get out of the house… consider Fun Run. Stay for the chaos and maybe treat yourself to a soda while you’re at it.


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