Easter At Eileen’s Colossal Cookies

We had a busy & fun-filled weekend.

Mia hit another “Western/American” milestone.

She met the Easter bunny for the very first time at 4 years old.

I stumbled on a Facebook event hosted by Eileen’s Colossal Cookies, a local bakery in town.

I decided to surprise Mia with this event.

The bakery mentioned in addition to snapping a few photos with the Easter Bunny, kiddos also decorate a 3″ Cookie. So, obviously, we knew it would be extra fun.

Pro tip: buy the cookies. Everyone in your family will thank you for it later. I had bought one snickerdoodle cookie for myself, an additional sugar cookie for Mia and my husband asked for chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I made two trips that day because of my husband. He’s lucky we love him.

I gotta say… I never experienced the whole ‘taking photos with the Easter bunny’ situation, so I didn’t realize how kind of terrifying they look with their costumes on. However, thinking past the creepiness factor, Mia seemed to enjoy the Easter bunny… from afar! LOL. She sat next to it but with a definite distance in between. The Easter bunny managed to make her laugh on several occasion AND she got an Easter egg with candy out of it. Overall, it was a definite win.

I’m honestly glad I was part of this Easter bunny moment with Mia. Both my husband and I never experienced this as kids but we try to introduce Mia to (what we consider) American / Western holidays/traditions.

What Easter traditions do you and your family take part in? We need ideas!

Thank you for reading. & Happy (almost) Easter!

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