My Mother’s Day Weekend


All I ever really ask for on any holiday particular to me are for rest, relaxation and good food. Mother’s Day was no exception. For starters, Mia is now at that age where she recognizes what this holiday is about – and kept greeting me with a “Happy Mother’s Day!” all weekend long. I loved it!


My weekend started off on the right foot, she surprised me with the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift – which is pictured above. How cute is this? Funny story to go along with this artwork… the past month, the storm has kept the entire house awake. Mia doesn’t do well with thunderstorms and on evenings that call for storms, I know and am prepared for her to sleep in bed with me. When she lays in bed with me, only one person actually gets to sleep, and most of the time that is her. I caught myself once or twice thinking how exhausting the week’s been and not getting enough rest, and the moment I saw this gift, I almost cried. It made me realize that I don’t have to do anything super extravagant to be loved by my own daughter – it’s the little things that she loves about me, and that means the world to me.



I decided to unplug from Instagram Friday night and into Saturday night which was a nice hiatus from one of my favorite social media apps. We had a movie night in the living room, took all of our pillows and blankets and built a pillow fort. We watched The Lion King too many times to count.


Saturday morning rolled around and I got to sleep in. Boy… I needed that rest. My husband asked if I wanted Indian food for brunch…. the way to my heart. We went to Seva in style, and by style, I matched Mia’s outfit on purpose and we both got to wear our hats!


We’ve taken Mia to Seva since she was a baby. She loves their food as much as I do. She especially loves their mango lassi. And I absolutely love their chai.


After brunch we looked at furniture. And then we went home so I could take a nap. I don’t know what it is about Indian food, but every time I eat it, I want to take a nap. I also got to catch up on Netflix tv shows on my list – The OA and more Lion King for Mia.





Sunday morning I was woken up to the sounds of Liverpool FC on Championship League and breakfast with Mia. Then, eventually, Mia said to me – “Mom, we are taking you to brunch – to the Filipino restaurant!” – music to my ears! I got us all ready and we wore another matching outfit. This time, we wore the mommy and me sunflower dresses that my little sister got us from Amazon – thanks Erika! However, since it was cold outside (why, KC, whyyyyy) I dressed both of our outfits up with sweaters, and of course, our hats.





For those who know me, there’s nothing more I love than authentic Filipino food and it was the most perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day to me – halo halo and coke included!


I hope to carry on this tradition throughout the years. After all, I think I deserve a treat every now and then.



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