Always A Great Time at Parlor in KC


Parlor is THE first ever food hall concept at the heart of the Crossroads Art District. Multiple restaurants covers two floors with various food offerings and drinks in one hub? Seriously… what could go wrong here? Absolutely nothing wrong – all is right with the universe.

Love recommending Parlor to out of towners and KC residents. I tell everyone that this place gives you a chance to try different food pairings and drink specials without really having to leave (except maybe if you order food from the first and second floor).

The concept is simple, once you decide what you want to order, place your order and they will notify you via text message once your food is ready for pick up. If you want a place to relax and enjoy the views (both indoors and outdoors) then this is the place for you, with their many seating options. I am a huge fan of their heated patio! They also hold watch parties with their gigantic television screens.

While I haven’t exactly tried out ALL of their food, I do have my favorites that I go back for when I am in the area. Parlor is where my husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, brunch with our daughter after soccer practice, team building lunch with my work family AND where I took my Saint Louis family for a new view of Kansas City. I’m telling you… this is a place to impress the people you care about.

So, what exactly are my favorites at Parlor?

img_2996-1On the second floor of Parlor is Sura Eats. This is their “Meat and Rice” bowl (white rice served with beef). Pro tip: order a side of their kimchi. The perfect combination.

img_1207-2This is Sura Eats “Bibimbap” bowl which includes vegetables, beef, rice, with a sunny egg. This bowl is packed with flavor. The image does not do this enough justice.

Also pictured, Mother Clucker, another second floor restaurant, and one of their infamous milkshakes. This milkshake is not for the faint of heart. This specific milkshake I HAD TO order was called “The Elvis”. Naturally, since Elvis loved bananas and peanut butter, this is how the milkshake was born. Not entirely sure if this milkshake is offered any more, but… I have zero regrets for ordering it.

img_2990-1Let me introduce you to this beast… Mother Clucker chicken packs some serious Nashville heat, but in a good way, of course. Add in their seasoned fries and you are basically almost in heaven. Make sure to add in one of their specialty milkshakes because why not.


I had a really hard time leaving Parlor last time I was there because my heart knew it needed more of this Cap’n Crunch milkshake from Mother Clucker and meat and rice bowl from Sura Eats.


Sura Eats and their “Japchae” which is sweet potato glass noods with vegetables and I chose tofu. I also added in a side of kimchi and mixed it in my bowl. I dare you to try this combo. You won’t regret it.

img_4658This spread was from my anniversary lunch with my husband. From Farm to Market I ordered the Sourdough Doughnuts (naturally leavened dougnuts dusted with powdered sugar) and the Broccoli Salad (cranberries, red onion, toasted sunflower seeds with sweet cream dressing). The Sura Eats Japchae bowl is again pictured here with a crisp and cold white wine. Also pictured on here but no longer available at Parlor is the curry ketchup fries.

If you are looking to expand your pallet or impress your friends and family, I dare you to soak up all that Parlor offers. You may find at least one thing you will enjoy.

You are welcome.

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