Taste of Philippines in Kansas City

img_3485If I could, I would eat the food of my ancestors all day, every day. And luckily for me, there is a place who cooks all of my favorite home land food so I don’t have to – Manila Bay Ihaw Ihaw off Bannister Road.


I’m really big into Filipino food and always love when food is shareable, family style. This Bilao platter is my absolute favorite. The Bilao platter incorporates all of the food I grew up eating in the Philippines. This heavenly platter includes: rice, mango, bbq on a stick, sisig, lumpia, broasted chicken, crispy pata, lechon kawali and dinuguan.

Pro tip: order in advance so the Bilao platter can be ready for when you arrive at the restaurant OR order it to-go and impress your guests.

img_6234-1In addition to the shareable platters, they also have buffet options. These buffet options depend on what they have in stock. Lucky for me, on Mother’s Day, their buffet was filled with shrimp, crab, adobo, baka soup (beef soup, MY favorite comfort food) and bitter melon. I also had pancit (not pictured).

img_6235Lastly, if you have enough room for dessert… don’t forget to request Halo Halo. All the traditional toppings included. Yes, it comes with the famous ube ice cream and leche flan.

Filipino food brings me back to my childhood and I am incredibly happy I only have to drive 30 minutes to Bannister Road to satisfy my cravings.

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