About Me



Hi There! If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what this blog is about and maybe learn a few things about me along the way.

For starters, I’m Julie. For those of you who know me personally, this blog’s name is fitting as I’m one tiny mama. My aunt’s nickname for me is Half Pint which has been part of my identity for years (shout out to my Aunt Laurie for the name-inspo!). I’m under five feet but as fierce as they come, or so I’ve been told. I’m married to a hard-working Analyst and we have one smart and sassy daughter. We’ve lived in Kansas City for over 4 years and love everything about this community. I manage marketing projects at a university. It’s the reason I dabbled in this blog because of how fun marketing is in the digital age. *The limit does not exist*

When I’m not working, I enjoy exploring Kansas City with my husband and our daughter. I’m also a Food Network-aholic and LOVE Chopped & Guys Grocery Games. I run for fun and for the happy endorphins. Most of the activities I do are obviously kid-friendly, however, I do occasionally enjoy a date night. Social media is my form of entertainment and am fascinated by it. You’ll find me sharing my personal opinions and experiences with balancing work and family life, parenting victories, our food adventures, my “slight” coffee addiction and exploring more about self-love because those are what is on my mind a lot. My hope is for everyone to find relatable content to share or start a dialogue with ; and maybe find inspiration from them. If anything — you’ll also get to enjoy adorable photos of my family, from time to time. Thank you for supporting this blog and welcome to my life!